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Common Faults: Being an A-hole

While prepping for Regionals, I wanted to make sure I understood how to do something as ridiculous as partner-deadlifts.  So I watched the Head Judge of the Games, Adrian Bozman, make handicapped faces on the Games site videos.  Then I no-repped his facial hair.


Back to partner deadlifts-  Them shits is dumb.  See:

You better not fuck that up or Bozman and company will ‘no-rep’ your ass back to 12.1.  He’s gone rogue, no-repping the fuck out of everything.  No, not that kind of Rogue.  Well, maybe.

I can’t say I blame him there.  Rogue Fitness strikes again with bullshit reps in the form of a god damned PVC pipe that costs 13 bucks.  “But it has Knurl Marks and a 28mm diameter.”  So does an actual bar.  Use that.  Rogue- thanks for the caveat (THIS IS NOT A LOAD BEARING BAR).  It’s the exact information needed by any moron who will actually drop $13 for a PVC pipe.

Back to Bozman.  Since Reebok made CrossFit The Sport Of Fitness famous, Bozman has been able to parlay his judging skills to other arenas.  Including a real sport:

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