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Sac Town Throwdown and the Eleet Roadkill WOD

In a Beastmodal Domains Special Edition, we’ll take a look at the Sac Town Throwdown.  Or whatever the fuck that is.  Obviously it was some sort of competition in the town of Sac or something.  I don’t care.  We’re not going to focus on the competition but rather, one heat of one WOD.  Watch what happened here (magic at 2:20) and for a more fun angle watch this

Drywall, Wild Gorilla Man and myself have agreed there is no bottom to the stupidity in CrossFit.  Likewise, I don’t feel like writing.  Instead, I’ll just give you a picture-breakdown of what happened.  Enjoy.




OC Throwdown and the Stupidity Roundup

A couple weeks ago at the OC Throwdown comp, Ronnie Teasdale flipped his shit.  You’ve seen the YouTube clip where at 4:13 he gets no repped for catching it on the bounce, at 4:22 he throws the barbell towards the judge, then at 4:25 he gives her the “outta my way” shove.  Next, you get some protesting and another barbell toss.  No one did anything.  But what happens next will shock you.

Off-camera, he goes apeshit and pulls out double samurai swords and starts decapitating EVERYONE.  Straight rage which lives up to those shorts he stole from the Incredible Hulk.  Next, he quickly converts a weight vest into a suicide bomber vest and blows the whole place up.  The suicide vest was pointless because everyone was already decapitated, but sometimes you gotta put an exclamation point on shit.

I made fun of his daisy dukes and then my head went missing.

Teasdale tried to cheat, got busted and threw a temper tantrum.  It wasnt the only bullshit that happened at that competition, so no one should be surprised that he got away with it.  If the head judge let him act like that, and he was allowed to continue, it’s their fault.  Who fucking cares?  I liked it better the first time I saw it when it was called “Every Second Counts” aka the 2008 Games WSOE.  Matt Murski did the same bounce-catch bullshit and got called out by Dave Castro (sorry, N00bs- you have to be Prebok Crossfit to get that reference).  If you do stupid shit, and you get caught, STFU (duh).  Here’s me right before the last time I got arrested:


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