Beastmodey Sites

The following sites avoid getting cockpunched because they are BEASTMODE approved:

CrossFit Football.  “Forging Powerful Athletes”.  It’s CrossFit, but manlier.

Talk To Me Johnnie.  I’m proud to say I think for myself.  However, anything John Welbourn says I follow without question.

Robb Wolf.  The guy who figured out how to eat.  Is it just me or is everyone who got kicked out of CrossFit fucking awesome?

Catalyst Athletics.  Olympic Lifting for realz.


Outlaw CrossFit:  You know that guy at your gym who’s better at exercise than everyone?  Rudy at Outlaw has a squad of motherfuckers better than him.


Brian Wilson, PCF:  Marine Officer, excellent CrossFit coach, owner of Potomac and Patriot CrossFit and male model.  You want him to get you pregnant.

Forging Elite Sarcasm.  You can’t hide from Drywall.  If you do something stupid, he’ll mock you.  And you deserve it.  The funniest CrossFit blog in existence.

Roanoke Valley CrossFit.  A box that only has one box (for box jumps).  With their heads completely outside of their assholes, Tim and Andy say, “Your achilles tendons are safe at RVCF.”

CrossFit Dunedin.  If you’re in New Zealand – go here to NOT be a fucking pussy.  If you’re American, do the Haka like the All Blacks and maybe you’ll get a free T-shirt.  Maybe.


  1. #1 by ABell on April 26, 2012 - 11:12 AM

    70’s Big…great site as well

  2. #2 by ari on June 22, 2013 - 12:47 PM

    A link to Wild Gorilla Man on facebroke:

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